New Mexico 2016 Scholarship Recipients
“Teen Driver” Category

La Cueva High

“All my life, the skies and the stars have fascinated me. When I was younger, I made paper airplanes like other kids. The difference was, while they moved on to other occupations, I kept refining my airplanes, adjusting wingspans, flaps, and weighted noses. Now, as I prepare to enter college, that fascination, that sense of wonderment has not diminished... Now, I am certain that the career I want desperately to go into is Aerospace Engineering.”

New Mexico 2016 Scholarship Recipients
“Yout turn behind the wheel” Drivers Ed Category
Lily Sullivan
V. Sue Cleveland High

“Ever since I was little, I have wanted to go into the science field. When I took biology in seventh grade, I found myself drawn to human anatomy and the field of medicine, specifically, becoming a surgeon. Over the past few years I have been borrowing medical books from the library and doing personal research on the field. The specialties I’ve narrowed it down to are Orthopedic Surgery or Cardiothoracic Surgery.”


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