Nevada 2018 Scholarship Recipients
“Teen Driver” Category

$3,500 Teen Driver SCHOLARSHIP
Abigail Price
Galena High

“I am driven by my desire to take on
world health issues as a chemical
engineer. My desire to work in the
healthcare industry was reinforced
when my grandmother was diagnosed
with cancer. Her doctor said many
cancer cases arise due to unhealthy
lifestyles, so I decided to make fitness
a social activity by inventing and
patenting the FitnessSpiral.”

$1,500 Teen Driver SCHOLARSHIP
Kelley Dyer
Robert McQueen High
“Ingenuity and Creativity. There is
something beautiful about the art of
creativity. I am driven by creativity and
innovation because they are the essential
elements of progress and the creation
of brilliant ideas. Becoming a Creative
Director would allow me to incorporate
my creativity in designing and coming
up with new and innovative ideas to help
better the world...”

“Nevada Jiffy Lube Teen Driver
Scholarship Program”

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Schools in the following area are eligible:
Nevada: Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Minden & Fallon areas

Deadline: March 18, 2019

$3,500 Overall Scholarship Award

$1,500 Finalist Award

Deadline: March 18, 2019

Program Overview
Finalist essays will be selected from the 500 word “What Drives You?” essays. Each finalist will be guaranteed a minimum $1,500 award if they create and submit a unique 1-2 min. video that expands on their essay in their own candid words, visuals, etc. The overall $3,500 scholarship winner will be chosen from these videos. Click on rules/guidelines and eligibility for complete details.



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